Four of The Best Things to Do for Your Roof in Hopkinsville and Surrounding Areas

Published: March 4, 2014

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky you find a population of over 30,000 people, people who need roofs! Kentucky weather includes wind storms, rain storms, tornadoes and hot, smoldering summers with high humidity especially near the lakes area, the town is just 25 miles from Lake Barkley State Resort Park. All of the above criteria make sturdy, energy wise roofing a top priority for Hopkinsville residents.

  1. Kirksman Metal Roofing

    Kirksman Metal Roofing has energy saving metal roofing witha a vast selection of styles and colors to choose from. The metal roofing at Kirksman Metal Roofing has earned an Energy Star Certified Rating. The metal roofs are warranteed for forty years! Metal roofing can be recycled and therefore is a 'green' ecologically friendly and sustainable product. You can call Kirksman at 1-270-885-9564 in Hopkinsville to request more information about roofing or vinyl siding.


  2. Sears Home Improvement

    Sears Home Improvement Division of Hopkinsville carries Owens-Corning product line of roofing supplies. If you have a Sears charge you can get special savings and financing on your roof. Owens-Corning roofs are beautiful. Take the storm resistant shingles pictured below. In - Driftwood.

    Even the lower priced 'Traditional' styles are handsome to behold. 

    This is Brownwood.

  3. Schamp's Roofing

    Schamp's Roofing, owned by Alan Schamp, knows how to install your roof. Alan Schamp does roof installs, siding and sheet metal work so you know you are in good hands. Alan's work is guaranteed. He specializes in wood replacement, floors bases, vinyl siding, roofs for new home construction, replacement roofs and this includes work for residential customers. 

    Call Alan Schamp at 270-269-2306 for free estimates.

  4. Tennessee Roofing and Siding

    Tennessee Roofing and Siding can take care of all of your roofing desires. Tennessee Roofing and Siding guarantees that there are no hidden costs at the completion of the project or anwhere in between, they quote to you precisely what the costs will be, the first time. To contact Tennessee Roofing and Siding you can call at: 1-931-906-3565. Their services include roofing needs, gutters and downspouts.

If you are getting you roof renovated or building a new one you don't want to waste you time or money on poor materials or poor workmanship, so, you need an experienced roof contractor who has laid roofs before and who knows the value of the products he is using. The above roofing contractors meet this mark. The best one from this list is Schamp's for the ability to repair the largest selection of existing structures.