Best Baby First Foods

Published: March 4, 2014

This is a list of store bought baby foods considered to be first foods. These foods are for babys that have just made the transition from formula and rice cereal to actual food. These are the best of the foods that are out there. For a long time parents and caregivers have stuck with just one brand despite the fact that different brands have different flavors. I think it's better for variety then to stick with just one flavor. This list includes the best first foods from many different brands. 

  1. Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Stage 1 Mango

    Mango is a flavor that for a long time only older kids could eat unless you made your own baby food. Happy Baby is a company that makes baby food that is organic and they have awesome packaging that prevents messiness. The mango Stage 1 food that Happy Baby makes is delicious, and it introduces a flavor previously unavailable to babies. 

  2. Earth's Best Organic First Squash

    Earth's Best is another organic good, the first squash is delicious. I have tried multiple other baby first squash varieties with the babies that I have watched and this has been the favorite of most of them. The texture is smooth and the flavor is good without being too overpowering. 

  3. Gerber 1st Foods Organic Sweet Potatoes

    Gerber is probably the most trusted baby food company out there. Sweet potatoes are the most loved baby food for most babys. These are the best sweet potatoes out there. The serving size is perfect, the flavor is good and the price is excellent. There are many nutritional values to sweet potatoes too. 

The Gerber Sweet Potatoes are the best on the list. They are the best on this list because they are the most loved by babies and parents alike. They are the best priced, but still have nutritional benefits and are organic which a lot a parents are looking for these days.