Best Electric Services in Marshall County Kentucky

Published: March 4, 2014

Electric consumption is one of the most important aspects of our modern lives, without it we would not be where we are today industry wise, technology wise, architecturally and so on. Some people are lucky enough to have quality electrical contractors right in their own back yard, this is true of residents of Marshall County and the neighboring areas.

  1. Robert Collins Electric

    Robert Collins Electric at 801 Olive Street in Benton is a licensed electrician who has been in business for years. Mr. Collins has a good record in that there have never been any complaints filed against his work. Robert is a self made electrical contractor and he has been in business since 1994. Robert Collins Electric's phone to call is: 1-270-527-7364.

  2. DC Electric

    DC Electric electrical contractors will contract with residential, commercial, industrial or construction personel to wire your stuff right up. Their services do include maintenance. They are members of the IBEW, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, as well as the NECA, which stands for National Electrical Contractors Association. This company has over 55 years of experience in the Marshall County area. You can email the bosses at: or for imformation about contracting with them. You will be communicating with Johnny or Danny Dyke.

  3. Riley Electric

    Kevin Riley at Riley Electric belongs to NECA. He handles small businesses, residential clients, institutional and communication/data systems. He also covers overhead lighting outdoors or in, street lighting, safety buzzers, lighting maintenance and building automations. Kevin's services include residential electrical servicing. Riley Electric of Calvert City in Marshall County, Ky. is found at 235 Johnson Riley Rd. with the telephone number 1-270-395-4451. You can email Kevin at:

Each and every electrician must take special schooling amounting to at least 1500 hours, and, training and apprenticeship under a qualified electrician or contractor for four years to qualify for their license. So, this may serve to remind us not to mess with electrical connections behind walls, fuse boxes, light fixture wiring and so on as it takes a lot of time to know what you are doing, and, to do it safely and efficiently. The best electrical contractor from the above list is going to be number 2, DC Electric, Inc., for the length of time they have been in the electrical contracting business successfully.