The Best Local Restaurants in Syracuse, New York

Published: March 3, 2014

I have lived in Syracuse for 20 years (my entire life) and frequent many local restuuarants vs. national chain restuarants that do little to no in the way of unique food.

  1. Dinosaur Barbaque

    If you are a BBQ enthusiast like I am, you'll love Dinosaur. Knonw nationally, and featured on numerous Food Network and Travel Channel specials, this is the best BBQ I've ever had and tops the list of local Syracuse restaurants. Awesome decor and central location in Downtown Syracuse. If you're a biker, you won't miss it!

  2. Limp Lizard

    Yet another Barbaque joint, but honestly does not dissapoint. The juicest and most tender pulled pork sandwich and ribs in the East. The decor leaves a little to be disered, but there are three locations in Syracuse, and take out is a breeze. Dinosaur BBQ beats it in terms of quality and atmosphere, but Limp is nothing to snuff about and wait times are always unnoticable. 

  3. The Green Onion

    A small restuarant, east of the city, The Green Onion offer's some of the best italian cuisine I've ever had, yet did not expect, at all, coming from a very small, family run restuarant. The crispiest and honestly the best chicken parm I've ever ordered. The atomsphere is warm and inviting. Definitely a place to return on a regular basis. 

  4. Twin Trees

    If you're looking for the best pizza delivery around, look no further. Twin Tree's was always a childhood favorite and never dissapoints. Fresh ingredients, speedy cook and delivery times, Twin Tree's offers the best pizza I've ever eaten. Personally I like the styled cut (rectangle cut vs. triangle slices) of the pizza. The also offer some of the best pizza and wing parings I've ever tasted.

  5. Wegmans

    Sure Wegman's is a big box grocery store, but the offer some of the best restaurant style food and convient store location has ever attempted. Best known for their Syracuse locations, Wegman's not only offer's most products other grocery chains offer, but fresh hand made Pizza and Subs (the best submarine sandwiches, with the freshest local ingredients made to order) Whenever I'm looking for a quick cost effective meal, I look no further than Wegman's Sub Shoppe.

I've travelled far and wide, experienced cuisine in a few countries and many of the United States, but my cuisine heart belongs in Syracuse. Sure it's not a very well know city or even really big but it does offer some of the best local and unique food stylings. Syracuse produces most of it's own ingredients for food, so freshness is never an issue