The Best Heating and A/C in Benton, Kentucky

Published: March 3, 2014

It isn't always easy to find dependable service contractors for your heating and cooling needs. It seems they're always busy with richer clients. That is unless you are looking at a community that is modest in size and big on community spirit. In Benton you can get help with your service needs without waiting until next season, whether it is your Heating and Air or it is your car.

  1. Owens and Son Heating and Air

    This company takes care of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs. Found in Draffenville on US Highway 68, it is conveniently located to those in the area. Owens and Son is owned by David Owens who has been in business for 19 years. Mr. Owens owns his journeymans HVAC license from Kentucky, a hometown boy. 

    To call David Owens to see about your HVAC needs the number is: 1-270-527-7187.

  2. Stevenson Heating and Cooling

    Stevenson Heating and Cooling on B Street in Benton right behind Zech's Glass Service off 1st Street and on Vanzora Road is owned by Kendell Stevenson. Stevenson Heating and Cooling repairs air conditioners, services heating and air units, services heating units and any general HVAC repair. Stevenson is an authorized Trane dealer. Kendall has been in business for 38 years locally. 

    Call Stevenson Heating and Cooling at: 1-270-527-1893.

  3. Penn and Son

    Penn and Son has three locations, one of which is in Benton. They have succeeded in the business of heating, air conditioning and sheet metal work for over fifty years. Penn and Son sells furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, evaporator coils, split system air conditioners by Infinity, ductless systems by Toshiba Carrier, air cleaners, ventilators, carbon monoxide alarms and thermostats. The also sell UV lamps which are very useful as they are used to kill mold and bacteria. You can call Penn and Son in Benton at: 1-270-527-9346.

Air quality is not just about temperature. You may want to purify, humidify or dehumidify your air for comfort or health reasons. When you look for a dealer and services for your heat and air you might want to consider these 'extras' as essentials. If you improve the quality of the air in your home or anywhere else you are heating and cooling you will also improve the health of your family or employees and protect things like paint and furnishings from early decay. The best service for heating and air conditioning on this list is Penn and Son for these reasons.