The Best Characters on Doctor Who

Published: March 3, 2014

Doctor Who has been a wildly popular show in England and has in recent years really taken the States by storm as well. This is a show that has spanned fifty years and generations. There have been now twleve different Doctor's and many many companions as well as bunch of villians and villian races. This is a list of the best characters of Doctor Who

  1. Sarah Jane Smith

    Sarah Jane is a much loved character by many Doctor Who fans although she only made it on a very small amount of screen time after the reboot she is still very central to the Doctor's story line. She was one of his most loved and favorite companions. She was smart, and always diggigng for the truth which I think made her a great companion for the Doctor. 

  2. Tenth Doctor

    The Tenth Doctor is the favorite of many fans of Doctor Who. In my opinion he did the best job of portraying both the doctors compassion and anger to viewers. He was harsh and truthful and didn't beleive in second chances but there was a softness and kindness about him that make him the most likeable of the Doctors. 

  3. Clara Oswold

    Clara is the most recent of companions that the Doctor has taken in his TARDIS. She is a mystery both to herself, to the Doctor and well really to everyone. She is constantly either saving the Doctor or needing to be saved. I love the way they have woven her into the Doctor's story from the beginning. 

The Tenth Doctor is the best character on this list, not only because he is the best Doctor out of the twelve that have graced our screens but because of how he deals with the constant struggle of good vs bad. Evil vs kind. He is the epitome of a tortured soul but he uses his pain to reach out to other people and races and try to fix things.