Best Parks To Take The Kids To During The Summer In Seattle

Published: March 3, 2014

If you haven't heard it before a very popular quote about Seattle is that it rains 9 months out of the year and their summer if lucky is only two weeks long. It does rain a lot and are summers are shorter but we have many beautiful parks to go to thanks to that rain. Here is the best parks to take your kids to in the summer in Seattle.

  1. Greenlake

    Greenlake is my favorite park to take the kids to because it has many different activities to do especially during the summertime. Located in North Seattle, Greenlake is a freshwater lake that offers paddle boats and swimming. The lake is encased with a 2.8 mile path great for walks and runs. They have a wading pool and a lot of open grass areas for volleyball, picnics and other activities.

  2. Cal Anderson Park

    Cal Anderson Park is always a great choice for kids of any age.  Their best feature is their playground area which is quite large and offers monkey bars, slides, bridges to cross and various types of swings. It also has great grassy areas for playing frisbee and having picnics. During the summer months they have a wading and water fountain open too.

  3. Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum

    The Arboretum is run and located near the University of Washington. This is a great park to take kids who like nature type stuff. They offers many great trails and a pond that has ponds and other pond critters. Seattle Japanese Gardens are also located here and is pretty popular amoung the parents and grandparents that come here.

So even though Seattle may get a lot of rain throughout the year, the rain has provided many beautiful places to take the family to during the summer, which is usually longer than two weeks (LOL). So if you haven't visited these parks I highly recommend putting them on your to do list for this summer.