The Best Restaurant in Central Connecticut is 50 West in Plainville

Published: March 3, 2014

When looking for the best of the best for food in central CT I have dined at many an establishment in search of.  Taking in to account first and formost quality of food and a close second its waitstaff ! There are many to shoose from but only one can remain in the top spot !

  1. 50 West - Plainville

    50 West is located in Plainville CT.  It has earned the top spot from me because of the quality of food.  Every meal is delivered fresh to the table.  The servers are above expectation as well !  It is set apart due to my testing ( dining over 20 times in the last 3 months ) here and so far not a bad meal, not a bad servier !  That says something in and of itself !

  2. Anthony Jacks -Southington CT

    If you want steak like none other this is your spot !  Fire grilled on wood to perfection every time !  Atmosphere is warm and inviting.  Waitstaff varies from excellent to good !  Each steak is servied with potato of your liking and a salad.  An economical meal of extraordinary taste. This is one not to miss !

  3. Paul Gregory's Bistro - Southington CT

    A quaint little place with about 10 tables.  They by far serve the best breakfast.  Farm fresh local eggs and ingredients along with their famous house made english muffins top off each plate !  Tried the pancakes and they are also a no miss.  Makes waking up early onthe weekends worth losing those minutes of sleep !

50 WEST takes first place on the list !  You will be hard pressed to find a restaurant of this quality at a reasonable price !  Meals are not only eye catching from course to course but atmosphere and waitstaff are above the rest !  Don't let the location throw you, a sleepy town with a hidden gem !