Best Housecleaners for Benton, Kentucky

Published: March 3, 2014

When you want a housecleaner you don't always know where to turn. Maybe someone at work knows someone. Maybe someone at church knows someone. Well, even better, perhaps is that you know someone. By looking over the list below, you will see a selection of winning choices for your housecleaning needs, the kind of housecleaners you can tell others about.


  1. Gina Anglin

    Gina used to be employed at Service Master. Now that she is a stay at home mom, she likes to make her own hours. Gina is available to clean attics, bathrooms, cabinets, ovens, manage recycling chores, house sit, do dishes, clean basements, polish, change bed linens or wash walls. Gina has experience with mold removal, fire damage and water damage. Gina charges $12 per hour. Let Gina take care of your needs.

  2. Crickets Cleaning

    Crickets Cleaning Company can travel fifty miles to do your house cleaning for you. Natacia Knots is your housecleaner and she does floors, dusting, in particular, dusting of light fixtures, toilets, shining of faucets, ceiling fans, vanities, cabinets, tubs, heating and cooling registers, kitchen appliances, walls and trim. Located at 180 Hidden Balley Road Dover, TN.

  3. Maid Brigade

    The Maid Brigade of Nashville serves those in nearby areas as well. The Maid Brigade can be reached by telephone at 1-618-208-2419. Maid Brigade offers specials if you refer-a-friend. Some of the things the Maid Brigade's cleaning is useful for is for after party clean-up, allergy or asthma relief, spring cleaning, deep cleaning and much more. 

These are all very good housecleaners. Number 1 is going to win this one for the low charge and the right down the road local appeal. Second runner up is the Maid Brigade franchise with its special offers and organizational experience. When you love a clean home and you want to take a break from doing it yourself, there is always this option of hired housecleaning services.