The Best Landscapers for Kirksey, KY

Published: March 3, 2014

Just tending to the mowing can become difficult as life becomes more complicated when acquiring a family, reaching middle age or especially even older ages or when landing some time hungry job. When you are interested in beautifying your yard beyond ordinary maintenance you also could prefer having someone do the chore for you. No matter what reason you would consider hiring out for your yard maintenance or landscaping beautification you are in luck if living in or near Kirksey, Kentucky.

  1. Tim Lemons Irrigation

    At Tim Lemons Irrigation you can have your yard fertilized, repaired and replanted, or, you might say, rectified to a better status. Tim Lemons Irrigation specilizes in landscaping. It is a nursery, garden center, irrigation and lawn care provider located at 5173 Ky. 94 West. This company also provides tree services. The telephone for Tim Lemons is: 270-435-4776.

  2. TruGreen Local

    TruGreen Local for Paducah serves all surrounding communites between Benton, Mayfield, Murray and Paducah, this includes Kirksey's 42017 zip as it is the same as the Murray zip code. This company is an expert and they offer a super deal for the first application of yard maintentance chemicals to new customers at the cost of only $29.95. Who could find a better deal? Call 1-272-282-4760.

  3. Forever Green Lawn Service

    Forever Green Lawn Service handles all of your landscaping needs from design to weed control. Yes, this company provides yard fixtures such as walks, stone veneer, patios or walls. Forever Green Lawn Service also installs irrigation devices. You can choose a four treatment yearly plan to satisfy your fertilizing and weed eatinng needs or you can choose tools and plants to do part or all of the work yourself. Forever Green provides mowing and trimming services that include the clean up of the trimmings afterward. Your grass is trimmed to the proper height reccommended by the US Dept. of Agriculture which could be of interest to you, if you hire it done by Forever Green professionals.


The best landscaper for your job is up to you, although the third one from the list above handles absolutely everything imaginable when it comes to landscaping services and therefore the very best from this list, when you have the funds to hire out for this. There are lawn and garden centers and books for those who want to tackle the landscaping on their own, as professional landscaping services come with a fee attached. Hardware stores also carry the supplies needed for landscaping one's yard.