The Best Internet Download Sites for Free Software

Published: March 3, 2014

Free software downloads online often comes with spam software, and in the worst case scenario even viruses. There are several reputable sites however. With the information provided here you will be on your way to downloading free, safe and usefull software from the internet.

  1. CNET Downloads

    CNET provides access to free and safe software downloads for every purpose. This is the top-rated website with endless free downloads for every search query.

    The interface is smooth, and allows searches to be narrowed by platform. Windows, Mac, IOS and Android software downloads are all available. After your initial search results appear you may choose from a variety of options to narrow down your search. Be careful to check the "free" box to avoid software with a charge.

    Also be alert after you begin your download. CNET will ask you to "ALLOW" or "DISCONTINUE" up to five different software programs (not including the program you selected). Be sure to only allow the software that you've choosen, and discontinue or deny the additional programs from installing

    CNET downloads

  2. ZDNet Downloads

    ZDNet is another safe website for free software downloads. You can use specified terms in the searchbox, or select a category on the left-hand side of the page. Again, be sure to check "free" to avoid downloading costly software. 

    ZDNet has a large array of free downloads to explore. From anti-virus software to drivers, they cover it all. They have a slew of pre-chosen keywords to choose from that provides countless free downloads that will save your pocketbook money. If you are looking for variety, ZD net comes in at a close second (just on the tail) of CNET for all of your free download needs.


    ZDNet Downloads

  3. Softonic

    Softonic's mission is to help people discover and enjoy software to help their lives. This is another great free software website that provides safe, free downloads. 

    When downloading your software from this site an initial installation of their loader is required. This is another site that will attempt to install additional software onto your computer. Please read carefully upon installing, and select the box that will prevent these programs from intalling, leaving only your selected free downloaded software to enjoy.


    Softonic - Let's download!

  4. FileHippo

    FileHippo is one of the simplest websites to navigate when looking for free software downloads that are safe. All that is required is typing simple search terms into the box, and poof, a list of free downloads fitting your search preferences is displayed.

    This website, like the others, provides detailed information about their software downloads. Unfortunately the one thing this site is lacking are the user and editor ratings found on CNET. It is a great place to quickly download the top free software around however.

    FileHippo Downloads

  5. Tucows, Inc.

    Since 1994 Tucows has been providing safe and free software downloads to the crowd. They have the most software available for every platform. Weather it's Windows, Mobile, Mac or more, this website has stuffed with goodies. 

    Tucows would be ranked first if navigating the software selections was easier. Unfortunately, with a large variety of software comes a parade of options to choose from. The Tucows website makes this rather cumbersome, leaving users of the website to lose theirselves in what they initially came for. To spite this flaw, this is still a top-of-the line site filled with erupting software.


    Tucows Downloads

Regardless of which of these five sites you choose to obtain your free software downloads from please remember these simple rules:

Pay attention during installation and only select "Install" for your selected software downloads. This will prevent additional unwanted software from crowding your computer.

Always select "free" if it is an option to avoid installing trial software that will cost you in the future.

Most importantly, enjoy your free software downloads!