Best Auto Repair Shop in Ann Arbor

Published: March 3, 2014

This list should help give insight on the best place to get your car repaired in the city of Ann Arbor.  No longer must you feel uneasy or unsure when your faced with a situation that requires your car to be repaired. This list will help you steer clear of the companies who are simply looking to make a quick buck.

  1. Hoover Street Auto Repair

    Hoover Street Auto Repair is the best choice when you need to get your car repaired in Ann Arbor. Located on the University of Michigan campus, Hoover Street Auto Repair takes great pride in their work and offers amazing deals on vehicle repair. Location also helps Hoover Street stand out as they are located seconds away from the Big House.

  2. Packard Auto Repair

    Packard Auto Repair is a strong second on my list. While the exterior is rather drab, that can in no way take away from the fact that this is a stand up establishment. The quality of work and professionalism displayed is bar none. They make sure that when you get your car back the last thing you have to worry about and having more repair work done anytime soon.

  3. Fawzi's Westgate Auto Repair

    While being somewhat overpriced, Fawzi's still offers an excellent quality of work. Another plus is that they offer free towing to the shop during business hours which is a huge plus in my book, or anyones for that matter. Aside from that Fawzi's operates on a high level of professionalism.

There you have it readers. Those are my choices for the best auto repair shops in Ann Arbor. While you can't honestly go wrong with any of these shops my second reccomendation would be to go to Hoover Street Auto Repair. My first? Take care of your vehicles people. Be sure to always check your fluid levels, tire pressure, oil, etc... to keep your vehicle running in optimal shape.