Best Pacifiers for Newborns

Published: March 2, 2014

This is a list of the best pacifiers that are specifically designed for newborn babies. There are a lot of different pacifiers, and navigating through them can get confusing for new parents. I created this list to help new parents be able to see three pacifiers that are the best for there new babies. 

  1. The First Years GumDrop Pacifiers

    These are a one piece pacifier that are ideal for babies who are breast fed. They help avoid nipple confusion with babies that are being breast fed. They are also all made of the same material, so they are easy to clean, no seams or anything for gunk to get it. Easy to clean. 

  2. Philips Avent Pacifier 0-6 Months

    This is one of the most popular newborn pacifiers that I have come across while working with children. They last longer then just the newborn phase as well, so the investment in them will be worth it when they last six months of the babies life. They can be bought in a variety of colors, and are fairly easy to clean. They are more traditional then the gum drop pacifiers mentioned at the top of this list, and are made of the soft nipple part and then the rest is hard plastic. 

  3. Nuk Newborn Pacifiers

    Nuk is a well known pacifier company, although they make other baby goodies. They offer literally hundreds different designs on there pacifiers, perfect for matching your little ones many different outfits. These are traditional pacifiers as well, the soft nipple and the hard plastic. They are the most reliable that I have come across and seem to last the longest. 

Nuk Newborn pacifiers  are the best on the list in my opinion. They seem to last the longest out of all the pacifiers on the list. The others are great as well, and speaking as someone that has used a lot of pacifiers while working, they are the best of the best. All three are easy to clean, fairly reasonably priced and are liked the most by newborns.