Best Houston Family Law Attorney

Published: May 3, 2020

Are you going through a divorce or thinking of adoption? You will need the representation of an experienced lawyer. I have rated what I believe to be the top five car accident lawyers in Houston.

I decided to rank the attorneys  on the following factors:



Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction


  1. The Bayley Law Firm

    At the Bayley Law Firm our client’s needs always come first. The Bayley Law Firm recognizes that our clients are usually coming to us at some of the most difficult moments of their life. We take that responsibility very seriously. We strive to not only achieve successful results for our clients, but also make the litigation process as painless and affordable as possible.

    Attorney Andrew Bayley’s versatile general practice helps individuals, families and small businesses owners to navigate a wide variety of difficult legal situations, from divorce matters to commercial disputes. Hallmarks of Andrew’s skilled representation are the personal touch and the willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.

    Andrew Bayley is the lead attorney for The Bayley Law Firm. Since 2010 Andrew has helped countless individuals, families, and businesses with their legal needs in family law, real estate law, business litigation, and small business support. He has appeared and argued cases in front of nearly every sitting District Court Judge in Harris County and surrounding counties, and has argued cases to both the First and Fourteenth Court of Appeals. Andrew grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up working for his father who owned a small business selling furniture and appliances.

  2. A.T. Law Office

    Amir Tavakkoli, founder of the firm, was the Vice President of his law school class and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Amir received his associate degree from Lone Star Community College and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a double degree in Political Science and Sociology. His legal and political experiences include working with Judge Kyle Carter in the 125th Harris County Civil Courthouse, U.S. Representative Al Green, State Representative Garnet Coleman, the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, and the Houston Bar Association. Amir was also a research assistant at his law school.

    Amir was an active member of the international moot court team while in law school and competed nationally. He also served as an associate member and later as the research assistant for the Thurgood Marshall Law Review. He has been able to publish several articles with the Journal of Law and Social Deviance, Arizona Summit Law Review, Indiana University’s PublicInReview, and the Student Appeal. Amir has also set aside time to volunteer at various organizations including volunteering at St. Luke Hospital’s emergency room, spending time with seriously ill children being treated in Texas Medical Center member institutions, and working for the Habitat for Humanity. Amir has successfully tried judge and jury cases in family, criminal, and civil matters.

    They understand these concepts and the importance of the right to defend yourself, your property, and your liberty. Thus, they provide compassionate, caring, competitive, and aggressive representation for your legal needs.

  3. Busby & Associates, Attorneys at Law

    Located in Houston, Texas, Busby & Associates offers professional legal help in the areas of Bankruptcy, Divorce and Family Law through its team of highly experienced & qualified attorneys.

    In law, more so than in any other field, the tenacity and perseverance of the lawyer are only two of the qualities which make a difference in the resolution of your case. Besides tenacity and perseverance, a lawyer should be ambitious and driven, book-smart and street-smart, quick on his feet but cautious with his words.

    A lawyer should be ethical, courteous and considerate. He should be available, return your phone calls promptly or at least acknowledge your communication and inform you of the status of your case. A lawyer should be aggressive with the opposing party but effective enough in his tactics to resolve your case in the most efficient manner and with the least amount of litigation involved. Last but not least, your lawyer should be reasonable in his fees. We strive to be all the above and more. If your case involves family law matters, we want to help.

    Michael G. Busby Jr. is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Houston Bar Association, is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and is licensed to practice in the Federal Courts for the Southern District of Texas. Michael G. Busby Jr. and Andrew Iwata appear daily in at least one of the ten the Harris County family courts, and about twice a week in one of the three Fort Bend County Family Courts.

  4. KoonsFuller Family Law

    KoonsFuller clients are served by a team of family law all-stars. With their five full-service offices across Texas and a disproportionately large number of attorneys who are board-certified in family law, we offer a level of clout and a range of resources unmatched by any other family law firm in the Southwest. Our attorneys routinely consult with each other and draw upon individual experiences to help deliver results for clients. And working together, as a fully integrated team, there’s no case too large or too complex for KoonsFuller family law and divorce attorneys to manage.

    Bill Koons established the firm in 1978 as one of the first law practices in Texas to handle divorce and child custody actions exclusively. Ken Fuller, a member of the first class of Texas board-certified family law attorneys, joined the firm shortly thereafter.

    Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services and superior results for clients who demand the best family law representation possible. And everything we do is founded on unassailable integrity and an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

  5. Krocker Law

    Michael “Mak” Krocker offers legal assistance in divorces and family law matters in the Katy and Greater Houston Area. Krocker Law maintains offices in both Katy and North of the Galleria, practicing in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties. Family law matters are inherently personal, and Mak seeks to alleviate the stress and unpleasantness of the experience by helping clients navigate the legal system.

    If you are currently embroiled in a family law matter or anticipate that you may be, call today for a free phone consultation. You can also find Mak on the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton's site, specializing as a Sugar Land family law & divorce attorney.

    Krocker offers services as an attorney to represent individuals in an array of family law matters including divorces and custody disputes based on a hourly rate fee structure. While he cannot predict the exact cost of handling a complex matter, He can develop a strategy for handling the case that seeks to minimize the cost.

After much deliberation and taking into consideration all the mentioned factors of Experience, Effectiveness, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Reputation. I have rated the best Houston divorce attorney in the following order:

1. The Bayley Law Firm

2. A.T. Law Office

3. Busby & Associates, Attorneys at Law

4. KoonsFuller Family Law

5. Krocker Law