Best First Finger Foods for Infants

Published: March 2, 2014

Giving infants appropriate finger foods for them to learn how to feed themselves can sometimes be a daunting and challenging task for first time parents or new caregivers. This list is designed to help you have some ideas of good finger foods for your infant to feed themselves easily and master the fine motor skills associated with learning how to feed themselves.

  1. Cheerios

    This is the most common first finger food that parents and caregivers introduce to babies. They are healthy and provide nutrition that your little one needs to grow. They are also easy for little hands to pick up and grasp, making it a great food for them to feed themselves. 

  2. Gerber Fruit and Veggie Puffs

    These little puffs come in a variety of different flavors such as sweet potato, apple and banana. They are yummy and coming from a company that is very trusted by parents and caregivers. They are made of great ingredients and the star shape that they come in are easy for little fingers to pick up. 

  3. Dried Fruit

    You'll need to monitor baby pretty closely while they are eating dried fruit, especially if its not dried all the way. That being said this is a great way to help baby get the nutritional value of fruit and allow them to feed themselves. You can buy it pre dehydrated or you can make it at home on your own. 

Cherrios are probably the best on this list of first finger foods for baby. They are inexpensive and the whole family can eat them. As the baby gets older they make a good transition food to baby being able to learn how to teach themselves how to eat with a spoon.