Six Best Spices and Seasonings Ever Created

Published: March 2, 2014

You want food to taste good, but maybe you don't know what else to put on your steak and pork chops, other than some salt and pepper, or, maybe a little sauteed onion on the side. There are more dependable, tasty seasonings or spices although to choose from without going overboard, too.

  1. Adolph's Meat Tenderizer

    This is an oldie, but there's nothing wrong with tradition, don't you think? Adolph's Meat Tenderizer creates the juiciest hamburgers, most succulent steaks and just about any meat or savory dish. It has papain in it so it also aids you digestion. If you have never had this at home you are missing out a great deal of flavor.

  2. Lawry's Seasoned Salt

    Similar to the Adolph's Meat Tenderizer, seasoned salt enhances meat entrees, casseroles, salads and even eggs. Lawry's Seasoned Salt has got to be the best brand of seasoned salt out there though others are pretty good too. Lawry's seasoned salt includes plenty of turmeric, garlic, salt and a little sweetening and it tastes out of this world on food. It is a whole differnet taste bud sensation than your basic salt and pepper.

  3. Durkee Grill Creations in Italian Herb

    Durkee Grill Creations in Italian Herb has an aroma straight form heaven. You think the spaghetti is already ready just by removing the cap. It is perfect for making rich and flavorful spaghetti sauce or pizza topping. It is also delicious in Italian meat loaf or homemade bread or rolls. You are going to love this in a cheese dip for a special party surprise.

  4. Durkee Grill Creations Cajun Seasoning

    Cajun Spice Blend is hot and spicy. It is great on broiled chicken, or on salads. It is classic for fish soups, but I don't even like it in these.  Cajun Seasoning has garlic, red pepper and black pepper. It can come in mild, medium or hot. you will probably want medium to achieve the just right effect in your competed dish. This isused in creole.



                              Creole-Okra Gumbo

  5. McCormick Curry Powder

    Curry powder is delicious. Chicken curry, rice curry and lamb curry are popular choices. Also delicious are custard made with curry powder, strawberries and cottage cheese, grapes or pears with curry powder dusted on top. Curry is an Asian spice that is made from cumin, turmeric and coriander plus several more spices including a lot of times, red peppers. It is kind of sweet.



  6. Caraway Seed

    Caraway Seed is the seed that gives rye crackers and bread it's rustic, withdesirable flavor. Caraway seed can be used on lamb, beef, pork, cheese spread and all kinds of bread and dinner rolls. Caraway seed is really good in so many foods not just for rye bread. Caraway seed is also beneficial to your digestion.

It is surprising how just a few shifts in ingredients makes spice blend a great deal different from one another. There are many more spices, but these are the ones that I feel get overloooked. These spice and herb blends are even more delicious than cinnamon, even though cinnamon is quite good. The spices here are widely available in this country, Cost to you will be $4 to $8 each. The best item on this list is the Italian herb, for making pizza and spaghetti anytime you like without as much fuss..