The Best Places to See While in Draffenville, Ky.

Published: March 2, 2014

Draffenville Kentucky is centrally located between several communites on and off of Kentucky Lake and resorts that are on the lake. The things in this area of Kentucky, around the lake, are seasonal in nature, the climate in Kentucky includes cold winters with freezing temperatures. When visiting the area the best time of the year is from May 1 until September 1, although portions of LBL are open even in the cold, in other words, all year, including some of the camping.

  1. Land Between The Lakes Hiking Trails

    Take Highway US 641 North from Draffenville which conjoins with US 62 East for a very short duration jsut before you reach Ky. 453 and Dover Road which goes right into The Trace, which is THE hiking and adventure main road for the entire LBL nature reserve. It is classified as a National Recreation Area if you want to know exactly. There are wildlife habitats and other things of interest and adventure to explore. You can camp in a limited number of reserved areas by reservation only. 

    The trails you want to see are the Day Trails, they are from 0.2 to 8.5 miles long, schools in the area frequently take the children on field trips here. The shortness of these hikes makes it easy to choose one or two or even more without becoming exhausted. For, serious adventurers and athletes there are even longer 'traces.' You should visit this scenic recreation area for there is very little cost and it is beautiful.

  2. Forgotten Past

    Forgotten Past is an amusement park sporting miniature gold, go-karts (several go-karts) and a uniquely curved track, train rides and lots of magnificient trees all around it. A gift shop, really the only one in Draffenville, has summer hats, fun hats, wacky gifts, sensible gifts, suede moccassins in children's and adult sizes and old fashioned candies among other interesting items. They also have ice cream bars, soft drinks and a public restroom in the Museum. The Museum features steam engines and antique items. It is interesting.


  3. Mike Miller Park

    Mike Miller Park is a fairly new park in Draffenville. All sorts of sports fields (like lighted baseball fields) are at the park, a memorial for vetrans from the area is also featured with bricks that have been embedded with names of those who request it, they have to be from the area. Plus, horseshoes, picnic tables, grill, swings, playground and restroom facilities. There is a volleyball court and a lake to fish in, too. There are shows and events all summer long, until Labor Day.

    One more thing, for Christmas, there are lights, beautiful lights, all over the park.

  4. Ky. Dam State Resort Park

    At the Kentucky Dam State Resort Park, you don't need your own boat if you don't have one, there are rental boats. There is also a 72 par golf (1-270-362-4271 course, in a very scenic setting. If you like golf you will love it. Somehow a cool breeze is always here, even though it gets hot in Kentucky, because Kentucky Lake is a big body of water! Ky Dam Village State Park also has horseback riding available, 45 min. trails give you a taste of what Kentucky horses feel like. There is also public swimming that is open 10 am to 7 pm with a sand beach right at the lake on the southernmost side of the dam with a pavillion and volley ball court. You will love the dam.

When you are in this area of the lakes, commonly referrred to as the Lakes Area locally and including Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, as the tourist area is somewhat extensive at both lakes and in between is the LBL area, also a publicly geared area, you will like the rural feel between the campgrounds, friendly restaurants and recreational areas. The best place to visit in Draffenville from this list is Forgotten Past, because you won't get wet and because that's my Uncle!