The Best Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Hopkinsville, Ky.

Published: March 2, 2014

Climate control doesn't just happen, we have to install heating and air conditioning units and we have to keep them in working order. There are many different varieties of weather in the world, each requiring different proportion of heating or cooling to maintain a good healthy environment to live and work in. When getting help with your heating or air conditioning unit you want someone who understands the probable weather in your region of the country because this tells you where you should be placing the most emphasis.

  1. Knight Refrigeration of Hopkinsville

    Knight handles everything to do with air conditiong systems from installing to replacing or maintenance. Knights also repairs or replaces your heating unit or units. They also inspect your boiler systems if you have these and help you prepare for the impeding weather forces that winter usually brings around here. 

    Products available from Knight Refrigeration include humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air handlers, Coleman heating and cooling, Coleman air pumps and Coleman air conditioning and furnaces.

    In addition Knight Refrigeration has in stock many types of air purification systems including ventilators and UV air purifiers. Call Knight's at 1-270-875-4208 for any of your HVAC needs, including advice and price estimates.


  2. Durham Heating and Cooling

    Durham Heating and Cooling, telephone 1-270-885-5559, offers financing to their residential customers, a godsend for those challenged with unforseen problems. Not many heating and cooling contractors allow for this. The deal is organized through Durham and your local energy provider. Together with your power company, Durham gives you as many as ten years to pay for a new energy saving system. Hook up with Hopkinsville Electric or Pennyrile Rural Electric and pocket your savings as you enjoy a new energy saving device.

    Durham Heating and Cooling sells and services Hydron Module systems (geothermal) and Amercian Standard brand. Services are for both residential and commercial clients. They also offer customized ductwork fabrication.

    Email to:

  3. Caycee Mill Supply

    Caycee Mill Supply is a supplier, employer and educator of all things pertaining to heating, air conditioning, interior lighting and duct installation. Caycee Mill carries many brands and many products including the brands Channelock, Klein, Lenox, Malco, Rigid, Honeywell, Hart and Cooley and Modine, names you have heard of often.

    Caycee Mill has an enormous warehouse and showroom of products for you to view at 2225 Pembroke Rd. in Hopkinsville, Ky.. Call to inquire about products ant services at: 1-270-886-3335.


  4. Quality Heating and Cooling

    Quality Heating and Cooling of Hopkinsville, Ky. sells, installs, repairs and maintains gas or electirc heating units, any kind you have and with several kinds on hand to purchase if you need something. The same thing goes for air conditioning and cooling products. They have air exchangers, indoor coils and air cleaners, heat pumps and thermostats, just everything you might want or need. Licensed and insured they also sell gas logs and provide duct cleaning services.


  5. A and C Complete Home Repair

    A and C Complete Home Repair serves residents and businesses of Christian County. A and C is located at 504 W. 14th St. in Hopkinsville. This business has an expertise in servicing mobile homes and other small homes. A and C specializes in home improvements involving heating, cooling and ventilation. The telephone number to call is: 1-270-707-1981.


  6. Central Air Systems

    Central Air Systems gets rave reviews from many of their clients for their low price tag and great service. Satisfied customers are pleasantly surprised with the promptness and efficiency with which Central Air Systems answers their calls for service.

    You can call Central Air Systems at: 866-566-2330 or 270-855-5444 for infomation and to scedule a service call.

When you want to provide comfort for your family, you need a fully working heating network in winter and a fully operating coolin system in summer. You might also like to improve your air quality through other means such as filtration and extra ventilation. An expert heat and air conditioning technician knows what you need in your home or wherever you are inquiring about due to their education in this field. All technicians in this field have to be educated and certified to work with these products. The best choice from the above list may be Central Air Systems, item number 6, due to the complete line of services and sensible pricing.