The Best Shopping Tips for Petite Girls

Published: March 2, 2014

Being a petite girl has its advantages. Being short is cute! Plus, being picked up by a boy is super romantic. However, it can be a little tricky for petite girls to find flattering clothing. After all, clothes are designed for 5'10" models. If they're not careful, small women can easily end up looking like they just played dress-up in their mother's closet. Here are a few fashion tips for the lovely ladies who just so happen to be petite:      

  1. Check out the Boys' Department

    Petite ladies should give the Boys' Department a try. Stores like J. Crew and The Gap produce stylish, classic clothing for boys that also work perfectly for petite women. Boys' sweaters are especially suitable for petite torsos. Also, narrow-shouldered ladies might have luck finding properly fitting blazers in the Boys' Department.    

  2. Use Optical Illusions to Your Advantage

    Smaller women should avoid outfits that visually break up the body with different colors; they just make short women look shorter. Instead, they should try a monochromatic look. By wearing just one color, petite women can visually lengthen themselves. Petite women should also embrace vertical lines, which can help give the illusion of length.

  3. Fit is Key

    All petite women could benefit from an appointment with a tailor. Petite women often have smaller than average frames. Regularly sized clothing is not only too short for these women, but also too loose. By adjusting a garment's fit, a skilled tailor can help a petite woman look put together and mature. 

A small stature presents unique opportunities and challenges. When one is an unusual size, one shouldn't be afraid to shop in unusual places. Petite style is all about dressing in proportion with your body. It can require a bit of ingenuity, but by choosing well-fitted garments (and enlisting the help of a tailor when necessary), a petite girl can enjoy fashion and find her own style.