The Best Romantic Movies

Published: March 2, 2014

This list is about my top romantic movies. Some of them will make you bawl into your pillow, others will make you roll on the floor from laughter. But all of these movies will end up teaching you a valueable lesson about life, love, and people in general. So get out your bowl of popcorn, shut the lights, and enjoy!

  1. The Proposal

    This is my favorite movie of all time. I have seriously watched it at least ten times--it's that good! It's about a mean boss who has a high position. She's from Canada and is facing deportation. Her solution--marry her secretary, who is played by Ryan Reynolds. She blackmailes him into a short-term marriage by saying she will fire him if he does not go along with it.

    The Proposal (2009) Poster

  2. A Walk to Remember

    This is by far the most touching and heartwarming movie out there. It's about a bad boy who falls in love with the pastor's daughter. As the movie goes on, we see how the girl, played by Mandy Moore, reforms the bad boy, played by Shane West. Towards the middle of the movie, we find out that the girl has leukemia and her days are numbered.

    A Walk to Remember (2002) Poster

  3. Life as We Know It

    This movie is a romantic comedy about a couple who dies, leaving their little daughter behind. They appoint thier best friends to take care of their daughter. The funny part is, is that they can't stand each other. But as they are forced to raise a child together, and live together, they grow to love eachother.

    Life as We Know It (2010) Poster

I loved each of these movies and have watched them countless times. When I'm in an emotional mood, I'll watch "A Walk to Remember." When I'm happy and in the mood of a good laugh, I'll watch "The Proposal" and "Life as We Know It." I hope you all enjoy these movies as much as I have.