7 Best Ways to Get your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Published: March 2, 2014

As a mother myself, I know how it can be to deal with a little one who refuses to eat their salad or veggies for the day. My daughter has her picky days, and I always have a back-up plan for when those unexpected days pop up. The key, I have found, is to not let them see it in plain site, but dress it up a bit, hide it in somewhere, make it look pretty! My daughter now voluntarily tears kale leaves off of the stem to eat by itself, and requests spinach when I'm making my grocery list for the week! Here are my bests tricks to still include fruits and veggies into my child's diet! These recipes taste SO delicious, that your kids won't even realize that they are eating those vegetables they "hate" so much!

  1. Smoothies


    Green smoothies are my favorite of all the ways to sneak veggies into my daughter's food! I can add greens in there that my daughter would normally pass up if  seen in plain site to be eaten by itself. What's even more great is that she doesn't have to chew so much with those very tough to chew greens such as kale. 

    A good start for a green smoothie is to add spinach. Why spinach? Well, because it's tasteless, so you and your kids will be sure to taste more ofthe fruity deliciousness inside! 

    To start off, here's a recipe that suits well:

    Hidden-Spinach Berry Smoothie (pictured above)

  2. Make a dressing they'll love!

    Still trying to get them to eat salads? Well, there was a time when my daughter wanted absolutely nothing to do with salads, and everytime I added some vegetables that she liked into the salad hoping she would eat it all, she'd just picked out what she liked... that is until I added ingredients into our salad dressings that she likes. For example, she likes things such as honey, so I would make a honey salad dressing and boy did she devour that salad. So if you don't already know already, ask you child what he or she likes, and make a dressing out of it. If she likes mustard, make a mustard dressing, if she likes honey, make a honey dressing, if he like chinese food, make a dressing that gives it that Asian taste. 

    Luckily salad dressings are super easy and simple to make but if you don't have time to make your own dressing, while you're in the store shopping, have your kid pick out his or her dressing to try on the salad.

    Here's a simple honey dressing, kids like sweets right?:

    2 TBS Lemon juice

    5 TBS honey

    and any other ingredients you think would be enjoyable!

  3. Veggie Wraps

    This one doesn't even have to be incognito. These are so simple, and quite delicious, and your kids won't even know that they are eating a burrito in a ...lettuce wrap! Lettuce wraps are so tastless that the only thing that they can taste is what is on the inside. After devouring the entire burrito, only will they may realize that they just ate lettuce! A good lettuce to try is romaine lettuce, even cabbage does the trick!

  4. Fresh Juices


    Juices are a perfect way to get your child to eat more fruits and veggies, especially if you know the rest of the day is going to be junk food central! And I don't mean those store bought juices you see in your local grocery store, I mean fresh juice extracted from the fruits and veggies you bought from your grocery store.

    Getting a juicer is a great choice if you want to start, but if getting a juicer is pulling on the wallet, a blender works just fine. Just blend the fruits and veggies in the blender, and strain it out in a strainer or a nut milk bag!

    Here's a recipe to get your started!:

    Green Apple Juice (pictured above)

  5. Sauces and Dips


    Do your kids love dips such as guacamole, well here's your chance to sneak your veggies in there! Remember how I said spinach has no taste, well I'm sure they won't be able to taste it in this! I make a guacamole with kale and spinach, and my daughter didn't even noticed! (She would've let me know, if there was something in there!)

    This is a great one to try!

    Spinach Guacamole (pictured above)

  6. Make the house smell good!

    If you family loves Chinese food, Mexican food, or any other type of food, make the house smell like it! And what I mean by that is cooking up a healthy dish, full of spices and aromas and foods that you know they'd love...just a healthier version of it, and I can assure you, they'll come running into the kitchen. Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrificing certain foods and tastes. There are countless websites and healthy recipes for you to look up to create a dish you know your family will love, that's just a healthier version of it.

  7. You eat it too!


    It helps a lot to lead by example. If you want your kids to eat healthy, join them. Don't be surprised if they don't buy into it at first. The site of you guzzling down a delicious green smoothie may not have them convinced, but over time, they will break down and have to know what mom or dad is enjoying so much!

These are a few simple ways that have gotten my daughter to eat more of her veggies. Making your own food, even if it's just one thing for that day, greatly increases children's healthy fruit and vegetable intake, because you are in control of what goes in and you already know that there is no added sugar or other harmful chemicals in their food.These simiple "tricks" have worked for me, hopefully they work for you too!