The Best Weird Food Combo's People Actually Eat

Published: March 1, 2014

People have different tastes, however some of these tastes borderline at the disgusting and downright weird. These are the ten best and by best I mean weirdest food combo's that I have come across in my lifetime. They might sound good to you, but to me they just sound weird and like they might make me puke. 

  1. Banana and Mayo Sandwiches

    I had no idea this was really popular until I heard several people say they ate it. My step grandfather always put bananas and mayo in the blender and then spread it on toast. He sometimes put other things in it but most of the time he just had banana and mayo on toast. 

  2. Jelly on Cheeseburgers

    This is something I have encountered since moving to the south. People that live here have this strange habit to put jelly on cheeseburgers. They'll also leave the ketchup and mustard on there as well. I have noticed that usually it is one of two flavors. Either strawberry or grape. 

  3. Peanut Butter and Tomato Sandwiches

    I was a big fan of tomato and mayo sandwiches when I was little, but this is one I never tried. People put tomato slices on peanut butter sandwiches on bread. I don't think that the combo of tomato and peanut butter is one that would be very tasty, but to each there own. 

  4. Fresh Popped Popcorn in Milk

    I have a friend who will actually eat this for breakfast. She takes freshly popped popcorn while it is still warm puts it in a bowl and pours milk over it. Yep, you read that right, she eats her popcorn with milk just like normal people with normal tastes eat cereal. 

So there you have it, the four best weird food combos that people actually eat and enjoy. The best one on the list is the jelly on cheeseburgers one. The combo of leaving the condiments on your cheeseburger and adding the sweet stickiness of jelly along with the hamburger meat and cheese just makes this the ultimate of weird food combos.