Best Vein Doctor in NJ

Published: April 17, 2020

The best vein doctor in NJ is not something that should be mentioned lightly.  There are plenty of vein clinics in NJ, however some stand out above the rest because of their attentiveness and quality of care.  Here is a list of the things that set the best apart

  1. Board-certification

    Board certification informs you on the level of achievement the vein doctor has obtained.  While peer recognition and accolades can be earned in popularity contests, board certification details the education and validates the credentials of the physician

  2. Modern vein treatments

    Surgery is not the gold-standard of vein treatment in 2020.   Today, the  vein clinic in NJ that maintains a high level of investment into education and infrastructure will utilize minimally-invasive methods to treat all vein disease.

  3. Hospital privileges

    If your vein doctor has privileges for procedures at a nearby hospital, it's a sure sign that they have passed the rigorous credentials of the hospital committee to ensure safety and quality with treatment

Don't be afraid to ask relevant qustions at your vein consultation regarding hospital privileges, board-certifications and types of treatments offered.  Most doctors I know are more than happy to boast their IVY league credentials to potential patients.