Best Recipes To Get Your Kids To Eat Peas

Published: March 1, 2014

I am sure if you have kids you have experienced the refusal of eating vegetables of all kinds including peas. These recipes below were the saving grace to getting my kids to eat and enjoy peas. They may not work for all kids but I have had many parents thank me for sharing these and getting their kids to eat peas. 

  1. Snap peas With Ranch

    Yes I know this is pretty basic but usually we present peas out of the pod in a can or frozen. But, when you present snap peas to kids you get a different reaction. For one they taste a lot sweeter than the trational pea and when you offer a sauce to dip them in even better.

  2. Pea, Ham & Cheese Muffin

    These are great because I don't know many kids that don't like muffins, and you can sneak them as cupcakes as well. This muffin recipe is the best way to get them to eat peas thanks to the ham and cheese that coverds the taste od the peas. Serve warm or for snacks.

  3. Cheesy Pea And Bacon Fritters

    This is a good one to but the downfall withn this one is that it does take a little longer to make than the one listed above, well worth it though and it's a great dinner recipe that the whole family will enjoy. With the mix of bacon and cheesy tasting the peas is almost impossible.

So if getting your kids to eat peas is like pulling hair I highly recommend that you try the Pea, Ham & Cheese Muffins or the Cheesy pea and Bacon Fritters and if both those don't go over well whip out the snap peas with ranch and those will most likely be the winner.