Best Auto Repair Shop in San Antonio

Published: March 1, 2014

Everyone knows that eventually a car is going to need work done. And a mechanic is going to be needed, but they are hard to come by.You have to have one that you can trust to be honest. These are the auto shops that i recommend, and that i have recommended.

  1. Erik's Automotive

    Eric's automotive is a small company that has only been in business 5 years. I recommend them because they have always done a good job, prices are reasonable and sometimes they even offer a payment plan if you need. I have never had any problems I've never had any trouble with these guys and they are always really nice and i have recommended them to friends.

  2. Cordova Automotive

    Cordova automotive is a decent place to take your car. The only thing is that they are always really busy and they don't take appointment.Their prices are better then most automotive shops in San Antonio. I've gone there on more than several occasions. I trust them working on my cars.

  3. Mechanics Work

    I have taken my car to these guys several times and they are great mechanics the bad thing is they are pretty far from where I live. The prices are great depending on what you need but they are well worth it and they take appointments.

Your car is your lifeline at times, it gets you to work and all the places that you need to go thats why it's important that when it  breaks down you have someone you trust to work on it. I highly recommend these threee companies. They are the best so far ive found.