The Best Basic Cell Phones For Back Ups

Published: March 1, 2014

In this day and age everybody has a need for a cell phone, however not everybody wants or needs a smartphone. Especially when it comes to the older people in our lives, it is good for them to have phones for emergecnies or for a back up phone. With emergency and back up phones there is no need for a fancy phone, this list is the best basic cell phones to be used for emergencies or for back up cell phones. 

  1. Samsung Entro Prepaid Phone

    This phone is just under fifteen dollars, it is offered through the Pay-Lo network. It is a basic flip phone with a clear screen and big numbers. It does have the capabilities to text message and browse the internet but other then that it is a pretty basic phone, making it a great option for those who just want a phone to talk on, and maybe send a few texts. 

  2. Kyocera Kona

    This is another flip phone offered by the Pay-Lo network. It is priced very cheaply at five dollars and ninety nine cents. It has basic features such as a calculator, the ability to surf the web and text message. It's small and compact and easy to use and imput numbers into. 

  3. LG 620G Prepaid Phone

    This is a slider phone offered by Net 10. It has a few more features then the other two phones on this list but is still pretty basic and easy to understand. It has a camera. This would make a good intro phone for a younger teen, or still a good phone for grandma and grandpa to use. 

The Kona is the best deal on the list. It's not fancy or flashy, has just the basic features and the ease of use makes it a great phone for all ages. This list was to help someone who is the market to buy a older person a basic cell phone or shopping for a back up phone for emergenies or for when the children will be out alone or home alone.