Best Heating & A/C in San Antonio

Published: March 1, 2014

Here in San Antonio there is a time sooner or later in the summer when you will need an a/c guy to come out. The summers here can be torture. The best thing is to have a company that you trust and can rely on, because there is so many out there waiting to just take your money.

  1. Converse A/C And Heating

    I have used this company on more than a few occasions. They guys are always so nice and though a little pricey they always do a great job and always arrive when they say they will.The owner will even let you get on a plan if you are a regular cstomer.

  2. AC Maters and Air Conditioning

    I have only used these guys twice, they are expensive but for the work that they do it is worth it if you have a big job. They service guys are always so kind and helpful and they do go out of there way to accomadate you as much as they can.

  3. Zimmermann Air Conditioning

    zimmerman Airconditioning is a really reasonable company for those small jobs that you may need. They are good guys but are not always there when they say they will be and sometimes thats frustrating. They do good work when they are there and I have never had an issue with them.

These are the companies that I would reccomend to anyone who is living in San Antonio and finds themselves without air in the hot hot summer.All three of these companies will do great work and give great prices that are far more reasonable then most in the area.They have my aproval.