The Best Roofers of Hopkinsville Ky.

Published: March 1, 2014

You need a new roof when you get a leaky roof. You need a new roof when you are builing or adding on. You need your roof repaired, back to the first point. You want a roof that is stylish and endurable. Part of the reason a roof is going to be endurable has to do with the installation. Look over the list below to find your favorite professional for your roofing needs, in and around Hopkinsville.

  1. New South Construction

    New South Construction workers are available for many of your construction needs, from putting up a new fence to painting, staining, mulching or tree trimming. Roofs installed or repaired are either shingle style or metal, the most advantageous types, the most popular. New South Construction is also equipped for screening around your porch or deck. The phone number is 270-498-8528.


  2. Cavinder Home and Roof Repair

    Cavinder Home and Roof Repair is found at 1156 Sanderson Dr. in Hopkinsville. They have been succeeding in this line of work for over 13 years. Not only does Cavinder install roofs, but, also replacement windows, siding, decks, hardwood flooring, fencing and tile. This company is equipped for pressure washing, chinmey care and will also haul. You can contact Jarrod at 1-270-305-9520.

  3. Mike Vance Contracting

    Michael Vance Contracting repairs, restores, and, builds new roofs. Whichever you are looking for. Mike Vance Contracting has been awarded the Energy Solutions New Builder of the Year three times thus far. His roofing business exceeds average standards. Michael Vance Contracting is locally owned which many people find to be a comfort. Michael Vance also has rental options that can be arranged for those waiting to move into their new home. The email address for Michael Vance Contracting is If you would rather telephone the phone number is: 270-707-0641.

  4. Xtreme Roof of Western Kentucky

    Xtreme Roof of Western Kentucky is found in Benton, Kentucky. Owner Donnie Siress and co-manager Terry Siress are expert in the field of roof repair. When you need your leaks fixed you can always call Donnie or Terry and they will be happy to fix it. Xtreme Roof of Western Kentucky provides sheet metal services as well.


  5. Garvin Matthews and Son Construction

    Garvin builds roofs, patios and decks. He also repairs them. Garvin Matthews and Son Construction also builds gazebos, nice for an element of interest in a park, a garden or a back yard. Found in the heart of Hopkinsville at 200 Concord Lane Garvin Matthews and Son are also a provider of handyman services. You can call them in Hopkinsville at:270-886-0722.

If you need roof repair, do not dismay. Local workers are ready, willing and able to relieve your depressive situation. The extra talent some of the roofing contractors have might tempt you to commission them for the job. Going from the list above you might choose number one for the best combination of all-around services and experience. Each one of these roofers is very good.