Best Cupcakes in Hoboken

Published: February 28, 2014

Sweet tooth, here's where you can crave it in Hoboken!

  1. Crumbs

    Yes a chain, but who can resist massive cupcakes? Constantly new flavors, Crumbs also offers other baked goods as well as Starbucks coffee. Cupcakes + Starbucks = Heaven. Be sure to stop here!

  2. Sweet

    Cute little shop, always have smaller cupcakes with big taste!!! Unique flavors, the shop is sure not to be missed by bigger competitors. Cute cute cute!


  3. Carlos Bakery

    Yes, the hype may be overbearing to some, but the Cake Boss does offer up some quality products, maybe not ones to keep you waiting in the hot summer heat for 3 hours, but still ones that residences enjoy with no wait during off season.


Sweet tooth = satisfied. You're welcome.