Top Ten Movies for YA

Published: February 28, 2014

This list is about my top ten favorite movies of all time! These movies are great for young adults and even those of you who are older. These movies made me laugh out loud, and cry hysterically. So get into you pajamas and get out a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

  1. The Proposal

    love love love it! I've watched it like 1000 joke!

  2. She's the Man

  3. Life as We Know It

    The actors are great!

  4. The Switch

    Cute concept!

  5. A Cinderella Story

    I love the match-up of Hilary Duff with Chad Michael Murray. They are so cute together!

  6. A Walk to Remember

    Warning! This is a real tearjerker! It really teaches you the value of life. 

  7. The Notebook

    Is it possible to have a movie list without it?

  8. Easy A

    I love the way the main character plays. She's very believable.

  9. Killers

    Ashton Kutcher is so hot! 

  10. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    Its simply a classic!

So this was a list of my top ten favorite movies. I love these movies so much that I have watched each at least five times! The majority of movies I chose are romantic-comedies, but some really teach you a powerful life lesson. I hope that you enjoy these movies as much as I have!