Top Housecleaners for the Western Kentucky Region

Published: February 28, 2014

It is a rut to many people to always clean thier own houses. It is quite a pleasure to have some help with it occassionally. Housecleaners clean floors, carpets, windows, baseboards, walls and more. Some do industrial style jobs.

Housecleaners dust and polish and usually do light handywork such as changing that bulb that you can't reach or fixing squeaks or jammed hinges. If you have a small problem simply ask them about it.

  1. Murray Carpet and Upholstery

    At Murray Carpet and Upholsery you can relieve yourself of every cleaning chore including getting dry cleaning done all in one place. Whether you want general clean-up, carepting cleaned, upholsery shampooed or laudry taken care of they will do it. You can also look to Murray Carpet and Upholstery to treat your drapes, rugs or upholstery with fabirc treatments that keep away soils and stains in the future. The phone number is 270-753-6300 fixed line or 1-270-293-0638 mobile phone.

  2. Honey Do-It

    At Honey Do-It you can take advantage of their extended hours, until 8:30 p.m. seven days of the week. They also are available from 6 a.m. every day but Sunday. This company, Honey Do-It, is located at 1234 West Broadway. You can expect to ask about housecleaning chores, handyman chores, garage door problems and they will fixt you right up with a game plan. The phone number is 601-966-0438.

  3. Service Co-Hoarding Clean-Up

    1-800-243-1039 for 24-hour availability only 4 miles from Murray, Benton, Mayfield or Paducah. You can get immediate help from this company for flood, fire, sewage or asbestos clean-up and removal help. This company also offers equipment rental for dehumidifiers and similar items. If you have mold, they clean it up. If you have water damage, they repair it. Service Co-Hoarding Clean-Up also cleans up after building demolitions. The do pressure cleaning, grout and tile cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. 

  4. Performance Contracting, Inc.

    Performance Contracting, Inc. does housecleaning, industrial clean-up, dry cleaning and more. Located at 85 Satellite Drive in Calvert City they are a nation wide contractor and have painters, scaffolding and other specialty products much for the big customer, but, they also have pre-construction clean-up which might look interesting to the homeowner who is looking for a housecleaner prior to remodeling or selling. Performance Contracting are expert in the clean up of molds, lead paint and asbestos, also called remediation services. So if you have a small place but a big job you might choose this company. Email at:

You might want to look over the services offered by the housecleaning companies to make sure they offer exactly what you need. If you want light household help you probably don't need the fancier industrial geared housecleaning except for on a rare occassion. Remember, although, these guys can get that bad basement or mold in the backroom and turn your home back into the haven it used to be.